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Prof Pritam Singh has explored the triangular relationship between federalism, nationalism and development in India, and has developed the political economy framework for studying human rights. He is currently studying the ecological implications of the rise of BRICS in the global economy. Pritam has published extensively on the political and economic development in South Asia, India and the Punjab region and more recently on the global economic and ecological crisis. He has focussed on development, secularism and religious revivalism; and nationalism, development and human rights. He approaches these issues from the viewpoint of the relationship between globalisation and changing identities. His co-edited book Punjabi Identity in a Global Context (Oxford University Press, 1999) was the first book to take Punjabi identity in global context as a sole concern.

His book Federalism, Nationalism and Development: India and the Punjab Economy ( Routledge 2008 hb, 2009 pb) brings together ground breaking methodological approaches and field level data to add new dimensions to the understanding of federal modes of governance and the development process, particularly in India. As one reviewer (Economic and Political Weekly) has commented, ‘The book is one of those rare academic publications which have the potential to make history'. His Economy, Culture and Human Rights: Turbulence in Punjab, India and Beyond (Delhi, 2010) marshals diverse theory and evidence drawn from economics, political science, moral philosophy, and history to make a case for understanding human rights as intrinsically important rather than simply as a means to achieve a given set of economic and political goals.

Dr Singh's research interests include theoretical and empirical work in the areas of migration, poverty reduction and human development.


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