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Dr Sara le Roux

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Location:  E308, Wheatley

Telephone:  +44 (0) 1865 485743


 About Sara

Dr. Sara le Roux has a PhD in Economics (University of Exeter, 2012), focused mainly on experiments in decision-making and was conducted under the supervisory team of Prof. David Kelsey and Prof. Dieter Balkenborg. She has received a Masters diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and an MSc degree in Economics and Experimental Economics from the University of Exeter (2009), for which she was awarded a Dean's Commendation.

She joined Oxford Brookes University in 2012, as a Senior Lecturer in Economics.

Teaching Expertise and Experience:

Sara has taught a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate modules while at Oxford Brookes. These include Microeconomics, Mathematics for Economics and Finance, Statistics for Economics and Finance, Econometrics and Industrial Organisation. In addition, she has supported modules on Macroeconomics.


“Fighting Software Piracy: Some Global Conditional Policy Instruments”, (with Pritam Singh and Simplice Asongu), 2016. Forthcoming Journal of Business Ethics.

“Dragon Slaying with Ambiguity: Theory and Experiments”, (with David Kelsey), 2016. Forthcoming Journal of Public Economic Theory.

“An Experimental Study on the Effect of Ambiguity in a Coordination Game”, (with David Kelsey), 2015, Theory and Decision: Volume 79, Issue 4, Pages 667-688.

“Deviations from Equilibrium in an Experiment on Signaling Games: First Results”, (with Dieter Balkenborg), 2010, The Selten School of Behavioural Economics.

This is a feschrift in honour of Professor Reinhard Selten.


Sara's research interests include the theoretical and experimental analysis of individual's perception of ambiguity and risk; decision choices made by individuals in the presence of ambiguity; threshold effects in environment (climate change); consumer choice and marketing; auctions; industrial organisation; game theory; public economics; behavioural and neuro-economics.

She has published papers in Theory and Decision and in a feschrift in honour of Professor Reinhard Selten (Nobel Laureate in Economics).

Working Papers:

"Strategic Ambiguity and Decision-making: An Experimental Study”, (with David Kelsey).

“Climate Change Catastrophes and the Effect of Ambiguity”

“Reducing Information Asymmetry with ICT: A critical review of loan price and quantity effects in Africa”, (with Simplice Asongu)

"Fighting terrorism in Africa: complementary evidence with inclusive development, military expenditure and political stability", (with Simplice Asongu and Pritam Singh)

PhD Supervision:

Sara is currently supervising three PhDs on topics in development economics. She would be interested in supervising PhD dissertations in Game Theory, Industrial Organisation, the Theory of Decision-making, Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Development Economics and Climate Change.

Successful Grants:

Oxford Brookes University Central Research funding grant - £7500 (principal investigator)

Oxford Brookes Business School Internal Small Grant – £2866 (principal investigator)

University of Exeter Seedcorn Research Grant – £2025 (co-investigator)

PhD Examination:

Emerta Aragie, Oxford Brookes University, 2015. Thesis title: “Climate Change and Semi-subsistence Agricultural Households”.

Usman Ahmad, Oxford Brookes University, 2015. Thesis title: “Child labour and child schooling in developing countries: A case study of Pakistan”.

Mohamed Emhemed, University of Huddersfield, 2016. Thesis title: “The Potential Economic Impacts of Financial Liberalization in Libya in Case of Accession to the WTO”.

Conference Presentations:

2016 – GW4 Conference, Bristol, UK ? Foundations of Utility and Risk Conference, Warwick, UK.

2015 - Public Economic Theory Conference, Luxembourg ? Economic Science Association Conference, Heidelberg, Germany.

2014 - Public Economic Theory Conference, Seattle ? Foundations of Utility and Risk Conference, Rotterdam ? Royal Economic Society Conference, Manchester, UK.

2013 - Risk, Uncertainty and Decision Conference, Paris, France ? Brookes-Burgundy Research Conference, Dijon.

2011 - Sixth International Developments in Economic Education Conference, LSE, London ? NUS Behavioural Economics Summer Institute, Singapore ? IAREP/SABE/ICABEEP Conference, Exeter, UK.

2010 - Economic Science Association Conference, Copenhagen ? Europäische Wissenschaftstage, Steyr, Austria.

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