Commercial Services

As a leading higher education institution, Oxford Brookes University has been working with the corporate and public sectors over many years, developing key services, where individuals and organisations can connect to world-class expertise and research. Our university-based executive education programmes, customised to the needs of the organisation, encourage engagement between executives, senior business faculty members and researchers, who are among the leaders of the field of management theory development.

International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies

The International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University is internationally recognised as a leader among academic centres for coaching and mentoring. The centre provides high quality coaching, education, validation and supervision for coaches and mentors at masters and doctoral level.


Most organisations would say they have a strategy. But what does this mean in practice, and how is this developed and instilled within your organisation? By answering these key questions, Oxford Brookes University can help you build the foundations of a successful business.

Management Development

At Oxford Brookes, we work with organisations to develop the skills necessary to support your business through organisational growth. As any organisation grows, core technical skills shift from being of primary importance to being of equal importance to the skills that hold high performing teams together: leadership, management and team development.


The Department of Marketing at Oxford Brookes University specialises in applying academic insight to practical marketing problems, providing Training & Consultancy programmes particularly in the areas of marketing strategies, branding, digital marketing, retail and sales management.


The department of Accounting Finance and Economics at Oxford Brookes includes an international team of staff, many of whom have a professional accounting background. The department has strong links with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and offers a collaborative provision with the ACCA in the BSc in Applied Accounting.

Risk Management

At Oxford Brookes University we frequently conduct research alongside top risk management professionals. This research aims to develop strategic approaches that combine scientific rigour with effective practice in dealing with corporate, operational and strategic risks, crisis management and business continuity. Research of this kind forms the basis of successful Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in which we learn from the industry as much as they learn from us.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Drawing on the latest research and proven learning methods developed by the Centre for Creativity and Enterprise Development at Oxford Brookes, we work directly with organisations to deliver programmes tailored to their specific business needs. Understanding and learning how to apply entrepreneurial techniques, makes it possible to bring innovation to the forefront of individual approaches to tasks and business strategy.




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