Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Popular perception suggests that entrepreneurs are idiosyncratic, visionary risk takers. Recent research refutes these stereotypes, and shows that in fact anyone is capable of entrepreneurial thought and action, if they are prepared to alter their reasoning and suspend existing assumptions about the future, particularly within their organisation.

Many people prefer the control of analysis and fact-based projections. However, we are all capable of operating successfully in situations of uncertainty, intuitively. By understanding and learning how to apply entrepreneurial techniques, it is possible to bring innovation to the forefront of both individual approaches to tasks, and business strategy.

Drawing on the latest research and proven learning methods developed by the Centre for Creativity and Enterprise Development at Oxford Brookes, we can work with you to create a programme specific to the needs of your organisation. With a view to identifying existing and potential opportunities to achieve personal and organisational vision, we will work with you to establish a set of tools and techniques which you will be able to use immediately to improve current projects, and to support entrepreneurial ventures in the future. If you are interested in the type of content we have included in previous entrepreneurship programmes, please see this example.

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