Coaching and Mentoring

It is estimated that people only bring 40% of their capacity to work – are you getting the most out of your staff?

There is growing evidence that coaching improves performance, increases confidence and motivation, develops and enhances leadership skills and helps people deal with challenges such as hitting sales targets, improving relationships, managing teams or making good decisions. At an organisational level it can lead to higher engagement and better communication and relationships. Boost your business by introducing a coaching culture and see the impact for yourself.

"75% of companies are now using coaching as a development tool. My work extends over a very wide range of companies across the hospitality industry and has helped to build partnerships and embed monitoring and coaching cultures. This ensures that all managers take responsibility for motivating and empowering members of their teams and establishes a company-wide commitment to shared business."

Our experienced, accredited coaches offer a highly personalised service in a safe, confidential environment, enabling your employees to achieve better results at work or fulfil more of their potential. Our expert academic staff are at the forefront of their profession and undertake international and contract research at the highest levels. We are able to offer you and your organisation a range of professional coaching services, including:

Executive coaching

The International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies (ICCMS) has a cadre of highly skilled and accredited coaches who are able to work across a diverse range of organisations. Our coaches are highly qualified with at least M.A Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University, and are accredited by our own internal accreditation system.

If you are interested in the type of content we have included in previous coaching programmes, please see this example.

If you would like to speak to someone about building and delivering a tailored executive coaching solution for your organisation, contact the Commercial Services team.

Coaching supervision

Coaching Supervision is a process of professional support for coaches, which ensures the continuing development of their coaching practice through reflection, evaluation and sharing of expertise.

Why does my organisation need coaching supervision?

In a notoriously unregulated market, supervision ensures that coaches, whether internal or external, are consistently adding value to the business. It is considered one of the most effective ways of ensuring high quality coaching provision.

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council code of ethics states that a coach/mentor should maintain a relationship with a suitably qualified supervisor who will support their development. In addition, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has drawn up guidelines for purchasers of coaching that insist on practitioners being able to articulate the formal supervision arrangements in place (Jarvis, 2004 1).

What we provide

Oxford Brookes provides support to coaches through 1:1 or group sessions run by our team of highly qualified coaching supervisors. Sessions provide an opportunity to address professional issues and challenges, reflect upon coaching practices and develop as reflective practitioners in a secure and confidential environment.

All our supervisors are highly experienced and qualified practitioners, providing a range of cutting-edge supervision services for individual coaches, organisations using internal coaches and coaching organisations.

1 Jarvis, J. (2004), Coaching and buying coaching services: a guide, London: CIPD.

Coaching consultancy

Experts for the ICCMS are always delighted to work with organisations to co-design and deliver a coaching solution to meet organisational needs. This can range from providing a programme on coaching skills for managers to providing coaching supervision or accreditation.

Coaching accreditation

The ICCMS has designed an accreditation process to ensure the quality of coaching meets an acceptable standard.

The assessment and accreditation process is based on the International Coaching Framework. We have the capability to assess large numbers of coaches and then to provide ongoing supervision.

The accreditation model is based on:

  • Knowledge and understanding;
  • Coaching skills and behaviours;
  • Developing coaching capability;
  • Psychological mindedness.

Mentoring Services

Mentoring is a cost-effective, practical solution to professional development within an organisation or company. A mentoring culture helps to retain staff, develop new leaders, enhance individual career development and provides safety net which can reduce stress.

How it works

Mentoring is a learning relationship, with the mentor providing advice, guidance and support to the mentee within the boundaries set by their initial framework agreement.

"This has been a really valuable process for us as an organisation. We are confident that this will have a long term impact on our organisation, and the way we work with young people in the future."

Helen Le Brocq
Director, Oxford Youth Arts Partnership

Our mentoring solution

At Oxford Brookes University Business School we provide a reliable framework which quickly and efficiently identifies the key issues and processes for your organisation.

These include:

  • Facilitating the selection of the initial group of mentors and mentees
  • Running a mentor training workshop
  • Running a mentee induction workshop
  • Assisting with initial internal marketing of the programme
  • Providing a template for an initial framework agreement
  • Helping with ongoing maintenance of productive mentoring relationships
  • Advising on the administration of the programme
  • Providing mentor supervision or other continuing professional development
  • Facilitating information seminars for interested mentees

If you are interested in the type of content we have included in previous mentoring programmes, please see this example.

Academic Programmes

Our acclaimed postgraduate MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice offers the opportunity to gain a full master's degree over two years. Its flexible format also includes a shorter Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma. Our dedicated specialist tutorial team delivers these courses in a combination of engaging monthly face-to-face study days and online workshops. For further details, please see:

If you would like to speak to someone about building and delivering a tailored coaching and mentoring solution for your organisation, .




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