Digital Marketing

Research Lead
Dr Sarah Quinton

The Digital Marketing Research cluster aims to encourage research which will inform knowledge creation and its application within the department's identified key digital themes.

Overview of the Digital Research Event, March 2013

These core themes are an insight into people and their roles as consumers in a digital economy, rethinking the journey to purchase and beyond and the impact of social media on this, mobile platforms and their impact on how people live their lives and the operation of markets, trust between people and their institutions and in social networks and issues addressing the interface between Big Data and Marketing organisations and their capabilities.

Activities pursued by the Digital Marketing cluster include hosting interactive events between academics, practitioners and industry; writing white papers; producing academic journal articles; and the collaborative writing and submission of bids underpinning on-going research. This research cluster is a joint initiative between the Department of Marketing and colleagues from across the university with expertise in Information Systems (IS), led by Dr Paul Jackson from the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics and Dr Sarah Quinton from the Department of Marketing.


The group has been active in this important and rapidly evolving area of digital worlds and digital marketing, both with contributions to the theory and with its implications in practice. Recent illustrations of activities include:

  • An international team comprising Dr Sarah Quinton, Dr Ana Canhoto, Professor Sebastian Molinillo (Visiting Researcher) and Dr Rebecca Pera (Visiting Researcher) are conducting a European study across four countries and different industry sectors focusing on digital marketing orientation within European SMEs. (2015)
  • Dr Maureen Li, who recently gained her doctorate from Oxford Brookes University and was supervised in the Department of Marketing was awarded Best Paper in the Doctoral Colloquium at the Academy of Marketing Annual Conference in July 2014. Her paper examined the technological paradoxes exhibited in the UK and Taiwan mobile phone markets.
  • A Social Media Master Class held in June 2014 and organised by Dr Sarah Quinton and Dr Ana Canhoto. This event incorporated an expert panel and welcomed over 50 marketing practitioners.
  • Mobile technologies and business models event, an invitation-only interactive event for businesses to explore how mobile technologies have disrupted established business models (led by Dr Paul Jackson for IS).
  • Bridging the digital research divide - a one-day workshop at St John's College hosted by Dr Sarah Quinton, Dr Ana Canhoto and Dr Paul Jackson and funded by Digital Social Research and Oxford University. This event brought together leaders in industry, higher education and digital experts to identify potential research partnerships and create a network of excellence to deliver research with greater impact. Delegates included Unipart, IBM, MMR Research, Warwick University, Said Business School, Edinburgh University, The Institute of Directors and West Oxfordshire County Council.
  • Digital Research with Impact, a panel discussion at the prestigious Digital Research 2012, Oxford, sponsored by the ESRC.


Examples include:

  • Internal funding awarded to Dr Sarah Quinton, Dr Ana Canhoto and Dr Thom Oliver from Oxford Brookes University for pilot research of digital citizenship in Oxfordshire with the intention of using the analysed evidence to create and test a diagnostic tool to assist UK local authorities in resource allocation for the appropriate deployment of digital communication tools as needed by citizens (2014).
  • Small grant awarded by Oxford University and the European Economic and Social Research digital fund to investigate bridging the gaps between industry and academic research within the digital context (2013).
  • Small grant awarded by Oxford Brookes University to create a digital research cluster web 'space' for interaction between industry and academic community (2013).

Associated Staff

PhD Students

  • Doruk Yamak Profiling
    Topic: Mobile consumers and privacy concerns: control and vulnerability on mobile social networks.
  • Silvia Wan-Ju Liang
    Topic: Antecedents of travellers' electronic word of mouth (eWOM) communication. Graduated.
  • Maureen Pei F Li
    Topic: 'Paradoxes of Technology': a study of the UK and Taiwan mobile phone markets. Graduated 2014.


  • Dr Sarah Quinton with partner Mankind Ltd (now The Hut group), a premium-branded beauty and grooming online retailer; 2009-2011.
    "To create social media marketing strategy across the three brands owned by Mankind, to achieve brand congruence, operational efficiencies and improved engagement leading to repeat purchase."




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