Work and Organisations

Research Lead: Dr Joanna Karmowska

Researchers in this area share an interest in investigating all forms of work, employment and worker identities. In relation to organisational practices as well as institutional structures. Our research examines topics such as the nature and implications of changing employment relations and inter-organisational dynamics (e.g. practices of fissuring and outsourcing); labour markets and migration; new and historical forms of organising work; and individual experiences of paid and unpaid labour. Our research supports contemporary, historical and comparative studies and both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.


  • Multiple projects with individual trade unions including the TUC focused on lay and activist training
    Richard Beresford
  • Understanding the nature of middle management related to entrepreneurial organisations
    Richard Beresford and Dr Nicolette Michels
  • Small business policy
    Richard Beresford
  • The role of language policies on Polish subsidiaries of multinational enterprises (with Professor Martyna Sliwa, University of Essex, and Dr Anna Glogowska, University of Warsaw, Poland)
    Sylwia Ciuk
  • Experiences of organisational restructuring
    Sylwia Ciuk and Dr Louise Grisoni
  • The Origins of Organisation: Corporate Entities and Managerial Practices in the Pre-Industrial World
    Ioanna Iordanou
  • Venice's Secret Service: Intelligence Organisation in the Renaissance
    Ioanna Iordanou
  • The symphony orchestra as an organization (with Professor John Child, Birmingham University)
    Joanna Karmowska
  • Contribution of temporary interventions to sustainable architectural, social and economic regeneration (with Dr Aylin Orbasli from the School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University and Professor Stephen Shaw from Stockholm Environment Institute, UK)
    Joanna Karmowska
  • SME Internationalisation and Network Attachment (SINET) (with Professor Terence Tsai and Lulu Zhang, China Europe International Business School, China; Professor Svetla Marinova, Aalborg University, Denmark; Professor Said Elbanna, Qatar University, Qatar; Dr Rose Narooz, Coventry University; Dr Pushyarag Puthusserry, Queen's University, Ireland; Dr Linda Hsieh, SOAS, University of London and Professor John Child, University of Birmingham)
    Joanna Karmowska
  • Ethnic minority businesses in Asia (with Dr Michiel Verver, VU University, Amsterdam)
    Juliette Koning
  • Organizational Identity Matters in/of Private Security Organizations (with Professor Noortmann, Coventry University)
    Juliette Koning
  • Identity Work in 'Green' Organizations in the UK and Denmark (with professor Can Seng Ooi, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark).
    Juliette Koning and Birgit den Outer


  • Postgraduate Research Scholarship awarded by the Vittore Branca Center to Dr Ioanna Iordanou for the project 'An Economic Exploration of the Development of Systemised Intelligence and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe' (2015).
  • Business Archives Council and The Association of Business Historians Bursary for Business History Research funding awarded to Dr Ioanna Iordanou for the project: 'Industrial Espionage in the Pre-Industrial World' (2014).
  • British Academy and Leverhulme Trust Research Grant awarded to Dr Joanna Karmowska and Professor John Child for the project on 'The internationalisation of Polish SMEs from traditional, knowledge-intensive and knowledge-based sectors' (2012-2014).

Associated Staff

PhD Students

  • James Bannerman
    Topic: Return on Inspiration: A socio-psychological investigation into the impact of lateral thinking on individual, group and organisational performance
    Supervisor: Karen Handley
  • Heba Younis
    Topic: The Internationalization of “Endowed Rich” SMEs – Dynamic and Resources Based Perspectives
    Supervisors: Karen Handley and Joanna Karmowska
  • Frederick Young
    Topic: Internationalization of UK SME’s into the Indian market
    Supervisors: Juliette Koning and Joanna Karmowska
  • Siobhan Ward
    Topic: CSR Perceptions of SMEs in an Industrial Cluster; the ceramics industry in the West Midlands, UK
    Supervisors: Juliette Koning and Karen Handley
  • Lely Budhiyarto
    Topic: Family Firms Sustainability: A case study of the batik industry in Indonesia
    Supervisors: Juliette Koning and Titi Susilowati




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